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All of our Beans are roasted right here in Regina. This means you are able to enjoy an amazing cup of coffee each and every time.

Medium Roast EthiopianDark Roast PeruvianCentral American Decaf

All of our coffees are locally roasted, fairtrade and organic

13th Avenue Coffee House

13th Avenue Coffee House is probably Regina's best known coffee shop. Located at 3136 13th Avenue, we have a strong commitment to providing the best locally roasted beans, fresh food and local produce. In 2012 our fans have voted us "The Best Veggie Burger", "The Best Coffee Shop Menu", "The Best Vegan Restaurant" and, we're told time and again that we have the "Best Burrito" so says the Prairie Dog's Awards for Best of Regina.

The fact is, we're just committed to our community and our environment. We want to serve everyone the best we have to offer and to promote those who promote us. That means we do everything we can to bring you great food, great service and delicious coffee.

Come by our little house on the corner of 13th and Garnet Street, sit on our patio, order a treat and maybe even enjoy a glass of wine with us.

Healthy, Fresh and Local

Healthy, Fresh and local is our mantra. All of our food is made fresh every day, Nothing is frozen, nothing is processed. Just the best ingredients prepared daily.

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We're the only Fully Licensed Coffee Shop in Regina

You will be impresed by our selection of local,
imported and organic beers and wines.


wrap, rice bowl, stew - Stumbled upon this wonderful restaurant while visiting a relative in the Regina hospital.Can't say enough good things about it - the food was amazing. There are so many choiceson the menu and as a Vegan, that's something we don't see everyday. The fact that everythingwe ordered was super delicious made our day. (not everyone was Vegan and so it doesn't reallymatter what your food preferences, good food is good food!). We travel through Regina quiteoften and will make sure this is where we stop to eat every time!!! The pics don't do it justice, we dove inbefore we remembered to take the pics.

Karen the Runner

Coffee a Great Surprise!

This place is well known for very good vegetarian food but I was surprised to find the coffee was excellent as well (i guess it is called a coffee house!) I overheard the staff saying they'd changed the coffee recently to their own blend so it's obviously a great improvement - i recommend an iced americano this weather, as the espresso is excellent. It was extremely busy at lunchtime and hard to find a seat so if you just want coffee and a snack, its best to go early mornings i think.


Fiesta Bowl Is Awesome

I've been to 13th Avenue Food & Coffee House a time or two. This time I had two surprises. The first was that they must have done some renovations recently. Nothing big. Looks like they painted and cleaned up the place a little. Looks good. The second surprise was that I decided to get the Fiesta Bowl. I'm a creature of habit and I've always gotten the Lucky Bowl. I made a good choice this time. I think this is my new favourite bowl. Lots of fresh and tasty stuff in that one. The salsa was a little mild for my tastes but they've got a wide assortment of hot sauces that allowed me to spice it up to my liking. The food was fantastic. Would buy again :)


Mobile Review

Long time fan of all of their "bowls" (my fav is the 'sushi-bowl'). My vegetarian friends convinced me to try the veggie burgers which are the only veggie burgers I consider worth ordering anywhere. Finally, thing that motivated me to review - the new owners have done some great work including adding "breakfast bowls" and openning early hours for breakfast; i love the power bowl with quinua. The bee pollen is a subtle touch that makes it a perfect balance. If looking for a natural, healthy option with freindly staff I highly recommend it.



The 13th Ave Coffee House remains the very best place for lunch in Regina. The Rice Bowls are so good and the Veggie Burgers can't be beat. I love to grab a coffee and hang out inside during the winter months, and sitting outside on the patio with a glass of wine or beer in the summer is just as lovely.I really can't recommend this place more! My only wish is that it was bigger - more seating would be great!